Out Bound Training (OBT)

Corporate Outbound Training at Munnar

Outbound Management Programs or Outbound Training are a training method for enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning. Such programs are often also referred to as corporate adventure training and outdoor management development.

The outbound training program is aimed at helping participants understand critical elements of Leadership and Team Building. During the training program participants will be assessed and trained in their strategic and creative thinking skills.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Strategy Implementation Process
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Goal Orientation
  • Role of individual members
  • Dealing with Change
  • Decision Making
  • People skills and Management
  • Critical Thinking and Possibility Thinking
  • Stage Fear Eradication
  • Cultural Events
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Campfire
  • DJ
Global Public School Kochi - 10th Grade OBT Camp

And many more………………………

The teams’ performances are judged based on the following parameters:
I. Strategy and Creativity
II. Leadership & Team Communication
III. Team Management
IV. Team Cohesion and Time Management
V. Management of Conflict

Our Strategy:
Break the groups into teams. The size of the group will be dependent on the number of participants. This team composition will remain the same throughout the entire workshop.
Each team will be monitored by the same assigned trainer throughout. This will enable us to identify the each team’s strengths, weaknesses and repeated patterns. This allows us to provide feedback tailored to the needs of each team.

Disclaimer to be given to participants with regards physical ailments like weak hearts, back problems, pregnancy etc.